Carina Sanchez from Diamond Ranch High and Meaghan Mielo from Norco High make biodiesel during STEM Learning Community Workshop at Cal Poly Pomona August 4, 2009.News Stories

If you would like to suggest a news story, email To get started, our staff will ask for the journalism basics: who, what, where, when, why and how. Providing this information allows our staff to better understand the scope of the news story and determine the next steps.


Faculty, staff and students are welcome to submit their professional achievements and activities to These may include a recent award, publication in a journal, conference presentations, or a new position in a professional organization. Again, providing the journalism basics (who, what, where, when, why and how) will help us get started.

Announcements in PolyCentric and CPP This Week

Send an email to with a brief (two or three sentences) description. Be sure to include a contact email and/or website. Announcements will also appear in CPP This Week, the weekly email to faculty and staff. We may edit submissions for style and clarity.

The men's soccer team hands out drinks during the 2011 Hot Dog Caper at Cal Poly Pomona September 27, 2011.Events Calendar (Master Calendar)

If you’re organizing an event on campus, make sure it is submitted to the Events Calendar (also called Master Calendar). The featured events are listed in PolyCentric.

Social Media

Strategic Communications manages the university’s official social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. We partner with MediaVision in managing the university YouTube channelAlumni Affairs hosts the campus’s LinkedIn group.

Electronic Marquee

The university’s electronic marquees are used to announce and promote major university related news and activities. The Department of Strategic Communications determines the frequency and length of messages to meet the needs of the campus community. Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance of the desired display dates. Fill out the online Electronic Marquee Request Form to submit your request. For questions, email us at

Guidelines for In Memoriams and Passings

Cal Poly Pomona’s Department of Strategic Communications is tasked with preparing In Memoriams and Passings posts for the PolyCentric news website. The university aims to recognize faculty and staff, as well as significant university supporters and friends. Guidelines are being established to set parameters for what type of stories can be posted as a way to acknowledge those who have contributed.

Post Categories:

In Memoriams: Posts of 200 or more words on those who have had highly visible roles on campus or have served as the public face of the university. These posts also recognize trailblazers, difference makers and highly respected individuals who have made a significant educational and emotional impact on campus, as well as those who were instrumental in the development of a program, department or college.

Passings: Short blurbs of up to 200 words on a member of the campus community who may not have had a highly visible role, but have served the university well.

Metrics for determining the appropriate category:

  • Prominence
  • Time and Service
  • Human Interest/Visibility
  • News Value
  • Employee Status

The In Memoriam and Passings section is primarily focused on faculty and staff. Students typically won’t be featured.

Information about how to submit an In Memoriam will be provided on the Strategic Communications department website, and the articles will be published in PolyCentric, under the In Memoriam category.