CPP Committed to Efforts Protecting Native American Burial Sites

The California State Auditor released a report outlining findings and recommendations regarding the CSU’s compliance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) and CalNAGPRA.  

The audit report outlines several recommendations intended to position the CSU to make progress toward repatriation, including implementation of a systemwide policy, consistent oversight, proper funding, staffing resources, and support mechanisms to ensure prioritization and compliance at the university level. The CSU intends to implement each of the audit’s recommendations, create a systemwide NAGPRA/CalNAGPRA policy – to be vetted through tribal consultation, and ensure adequate funding and resources for these efforts. 

Cal Poly Pomona joins in the system’s efforts to not just comply with the legal requirements of NAGPRA/CalNAGPRA, but also to demonstrate our commitment to respect the sovereignty of Native American tribal communities and to honor their ancestors and sacred ways through the appropriately reverent return of the ancestral remains and cultural items that have been housed at our universities.