CPP’s 200 farm animals at LA County Fair connect urbanites with livestock (“Pet Project,” WABC2-TV)

Cal Poly Pomona Urban Farm Director Craig Walters, Animal Unit Manager Efrain Loera and Brandon Moreno (‘24, animal sciences) are interviewed about the 200 farm animals provided by the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture for the petting zoo in The Big Red Barn. In a separate area of the petting zoo — believed to be the largest of its kind west of the Mississippi — are ewes, cows and goats ready to give birth. “Most people in our urban area don’t interact with livestock,” Walters says. “To be able to come here to be able to pet the animals but also to see life as it happens — animals giving birth, and our students are here to talk about it. So, it’s very educational.” 

This story was originally broadcast by WABC2-TV (New York City, NY) on May 4, 2023.