Bronco Bookstore Launches Instant Access Complete Program for Affordable and Convenient Course Materials

The Bronco Bookstore has launched the Instant Access Complete (IAC), a new campuswide program designed to provide students with convenient, affordable access to all required course materials at a flat rate.

The Bronco Bookstore has partnered with publishers, the library, university IT and faculty to automatically provide digital textbooks and course materials via Canvas, and with physical books when necessary.

Starting in fall 2023, IAC will be available for all courses and for all required course materials, including faculty-created materials, open educational resources and library e-books. The charges are:

  • $250 per semester for undergraduate students
  • $150 per semester for graduate students

While participation in Instant Access Complete is not mandatory, all students are automatically enrolled and can choose to opt out until the end of the drop-add period. For more information on Bronco Bookstore’s Instant Access Complete Program, visit the website.