CPP Delivers 2020 Awards to Faculty for Innovative Changes in Teaching

Engineering Professor Paul Nissenson and Sociology Professor Faye Wachs with their 2020 the Assessment Revolutionary Recognition Program plaques.

The inaugural awardees from the Assessment Revolutionary Recognition Program have received their 2020 award plaques.

This program, which celebrates the exceptional efforts of Cal Poly Pomona faculty who have implemented meaningful and innovative changes to teaching, curriculum, or instructional design in response to assessment findings, was delayed in delivering its first round of awards due to COVID-19.

The 2020 recipients demonstrated carefully-crafted closing-the-loop strategies to improve student learning and the learning environment.

The inaugural awardees are as follows:

• Ruth Guthrie, Zeynep Aytug, and Rita Kumar: “assessment cow” project to enhance assessment capacity in the College of Business Administration;

• Juliana Fuqua (Psychology), Faye Wachs (Sociology), Angela Shih, Paul Nissenson, and Priscilla Zhao (Mechanical Engineering): using quantitative and qualitative metrics to evaluate the efficacy of closing-the-loop strategies implemented in ME3111 Fluid Mechanics;

• Majed Muhtaseb and the Department of Finance, Real Estate, and Law: developing 50+ video lessons to improve students’ problem-solving skills.

Awardees share their work with the campus community each year at the Summer Assessment Institute. Nominations for 2021 are due Dec. 1.