Top 10 Things to Know in Preparation for the Return to Campus

You’ve dusted off the work clothes, made a list of office supplies you’ll need and decluttered the dining room table you converted into a makeshift desk. Now, it’s time to focus on making your return to on-campus work go smoothly.

Here are the top 10 things to keep in mind in anticipation of the full return of staff and faculty:

1. Purchase your parking pass. The last thing you need is to find a citation fluttering under your car’s windshield wiper. Visit Parking Services to purchase or reinstate your parking permit.

2. Take your COVID online training before you return to the office. They say knowledge is power, but in this case, it’s also mandatory. New training is expected this fall, which means everyone needs to take it, even those who completed the previous version. The training link is on the Safer Return website, and takes around 45 minutes, shorter than most Zoom meetings.

3. Do the daily health screener. You know how diligent you were about screening your circle of family and friends to keep the spread of COVID-19 at bay? Well, now is the time to be just as proficient at screening your health as you were at checking temperatures and doling out hand sanitizer. Every day, before you step foot on campus, you need to take the daily health screener. Let’s do our part to keep everyone safe.

4. Make sure you bring a face covering. All of those disposable masks and face coverings to match every outfit you bought over the past year will not go to waste. In fact, be sure they are handy for your return to campus.

5. Keep it collegial, but at a distance. While social distancing has eased some, it’s still advisable to space out when possible. That elbow bump or head-nod greeting you perfected during the pandemic remains useful, as it is important to avoid shaking hands. Remember it’s air hugs instead of bear hugs. And that box of donuts or that plate of cupcakes you once brought to share is a no-no. If you want to celebrate a birthday or congratulate colleagues on a job well done, consider giving them a card, bringing them a plant or buying wrapped candy.

6. Look for PPE stations. Remember when hand sanitizer was selling on Amazon for a $100 a bottle and bleach wipes disappeared from the store shelves? Well, thankfully times are better. The university will provide stations around campus where employees can find the PPE, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies needed to keep everything spiffy and safe.

7. Lunch options will be available. There are several places on campus to eat, including outdoor seating. If you prefer to eat in your office’s breakroom or designated lunch area, make sure to stay at least 6 feet away from others. And just like at home, food is at your fingertips with online ordering for takeout from on-campus dining spots via Grubhub.

8. Be mindful and practice kindness. Returning to the on-campus work routine may take a little getting used to for some of us. We had gone from the hustle and bustle of a busy campus and being together in the same space to balancing working from home with the demands of family and relying entirely on technology to keep us in touch. It has been quite an adjustment, not to mention the shock to come of trading in our sweat pants for actual pants. But we are a Bronco family, so we need to do what we have been doing with our own families over the past 16 months – exercise patience, look out for one another and keep each other safe.

9. Request any additional cleaning services your department might need. In addition to its regular cleanings, Custodial Services is performing a one-time deep cleaning in July to prepare campus facilities for the return of employees and students. That will include cleaning the blinds, light fixtures, glass panels and air vents. If your department needs cleaning services beyond what is planned, Facilities Planning and Management provides additional service for a fee. Email to submit your requests.

10. Schedule IT Support for Reconnecting Your Computer. If you dismantled your workstation and can’t remember what plugs into what anymore, help is on the way. IT is available to assist staff and faculty with reconnecting computers, monitors, laptops, docking stations, phones, etc. However, with the rush of all staff and faculty, IT support is quickly getting booked and busy. It is recommended that you schedule an appointment for yourself or your department in advance. To book your appointment or for any questions, go to the IT Client Services Campus Repopulation website.