CEIS Faculty Elected to Leadership Roles on Academic Senate

Professor Jocelyn Pacleb has been elected to serve as vice-chair of the Academic Senate’s Executive Committee for spring 2020, and Professor Dennis Quinn has been elected to chair the General Education Committee for spring 2020 and the 20-21 school year.

The Executive Committee oversees all activities of the Academic Senate, and the General Education Committee reviews general education courses and makes recommendations to the Academic Senate.

In a joint statement, Pacleb and Quinn said, “Serving as CEIS senators in the Academic Senate has been a rewarding experience. We have learned so much about how the senate and university work and have really enjoyed working with our colleagues across campus. As members of the Executive Committee and General Education Committee, we pay particular attention to referrals, resolutions, statewide initiatives, and other items important to the various departments in CEIS and, of course, to the wider campus. Through these positions, we can help our programs grow and bring change together to strengthen CEIS.”

Pacleb is a professor in the Department of Ethnic and Women’s Studies. She teaches courses on contemporary Asian Pacific Islanders, Filipino Americans and militarism. Her current work examines the enlistment of non-citizens in the United States armed services and the emergence of communities near U.S. military bases in Southern California.

Quinn is professor and chair of the Department of Interdisciplinary General Education, where he has taught for nearly 20 years. IGE provides an integrated, interdisciplinary, discussion-based approach to learning about literature, humanities, social sciences and the arts. Quinn created the upper division synthesis course IGE 3300: Demons, the Undead, and the Monstrous Other, and wrote a new course on conspiracy theories, which he expects will be offered in fall 2020.

“The university will certainly benefit from the leadership of Senators Pacleb and Quinn, as our college has over the past few years. Each senator is in a position to profoundly influence the direction of Cal Poly Pomona’s academic mission. They continue to represent us well,” said CEIS Dean Jeff Passe.

Every month, the Academic Senate holds public meetings to discuss educational policies along with university administrative regulations and practices. To access their meeting schedule, visit www.cpp.edu/senate. For more information about CEIS, contact Ashley Jones at 909- 869-5370.