Staff Q&A with DeVoneia L. Jordan

Faculty zoom session with students

DeVoneia L. Jordan

Career Center Counselor liaison to the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

What do you miss about Cal Poly Pomona and life in general?

What I miss most about Cal Poly Pomona is the rich culture, connectivity and engagement with the students, faculty and staff. Face-to-face interactions are the pieces that I look forward to daily, and since we do not have this, I miss it.

What’s been a challenge?

I would have to say the difficult change was having the economy shut down and learning how to navigate everyday process such as essential things like getting a hair cut and learning how to cut my own hair.

Tell us about a positive moment.

I was a facilitator for a nationwide Zoom forum hosted by Handshake. I had the chance to ask questions for students across the United States. This opportunity not only allowed me to assist students by answering questions, but it also gave me a chance to connect with students from CPP who had lots of questions about what’s going on now and what their futures look like.

How do you find inspiration and motivation?

My inspiration comes from the students in which I serve. They  are a huge source of motivation for me as I watch them continue on with their studies and some preparing to graduate. Even though we won’t have a ceremony May, they are eager to see what the world has for them.

I would like to let everyone know that we will get through this together. We are CPP Strong. We as the Career Center are here to support you, you can connect with us via Handshake, we are here for you and hope that you are doing your best to stay healthy and well during this difficult time.