Meet the Department of Nutrition and Food Science

One of the departments in the Huntley College of Agriculture is undergoing a name change.

Effective this fall semester, the Department of Human Nutrition and Food Science is changing to simply the Department of Nutrition and Food Science.

The name change would bring the department more into line with other nutrition departments in the California State University system, said Professor Bonny Burns-Whitmore, who proposed the change.

“We do not have any courses, minor, or major with the word ‘Human’ in front of nutrition,” Burns-Whitmore wrote in her proposal to the university’s Academic Senate.

However, the department does offer an option in nutrition science that contains the following emphases: animal nutrition, pre-professional, and nutrition and health, she said.

“It is confusing for student and faculty from other departments to learn that we offer an emphasis in ‘animal nutrition’ and yet our department name is ‘Human Nutrition and Food Science,’” Burns-Whitmore said.