New IT Software to Digitize Workflow Processes

IT@CPP's PolyDoc replaces paper workflow processes.
IT@CPP’s PolyDoc replaces paper workflow processes.

The days of squeezing papers into overstuffed filing cabinets are quickly disappearing on campus thanks to digital technology.

IT@CPP’s PolyDoc has replaced many of the university’s paper workflow processes with the electronic variety by tailoring OnBase, a process management software, to meet the specific business needs of the campus community. In addition to saving paper, the benefits of switching to digital processes are:

  • Available 24/7 from anywhere
  • Expedient and timely
  • Secure (Increased document security and control)
  • Reliable (No more lost documents!)
  • Space-saving (No need for filing cabinets)
  • Easy-to-retrieve
  • Approved with digital signatures
  • Automated, including notifications and reminders

Each electronic workflow process is custom-designed for a specific office or function, including tailoring user experiences for every scenario. Access is based on business needs and user roles that pertain to a position.

For more information or to set up an electronic workflow process in your office, contact the IT Governance Administrative Technology Working Group.