New Business Continuity Software for the Campus

Cal Poly Pomona is adopting a new software, called Kuali Ready, for business continuity planning. The software tool will create and maintain the plans for divisions and departments on campus.

Business continuity planning helps ensure that business processes can continue during a time of emergency or disaster. These situations disrupt normal operations and might include a fire, power outage, natural disaster or public safety issues.

We have the new Kuali Ready software. What’s next?

Each division or department has selected a business continuity contact/user, and Institutional Risk will work with that individual, assisting them in the developing and testing of their business continuity plan (BCP). Institutional Risk will work with the users in training on the software with ongoing interactive workshops.

Once all the plans are entered into Kuali Ready, Institutional Risk will work with the divisions and departments on testing the plans, which will include functional exercises to test various components of the plan.

Why is a business continuity plan important?

Divisions and departments on campus need to look at such potential threats and have BCPs to ensure continued operations in the event of a disruption.

What is my role in the business continuity planning process?

Institutional Risk asks that you work closely with the designated user in your division/department and assist them with developing a solid BCP.

How do I find out who my business continuity contact/user is for my division/department?

Email Institutional Risk at and request this information.

Why do we have to have a business continuity plan (BCP)?

Not only is having a BCP a best practice for the continuity of your campus operation, it is a requirement per the CSU Executive Order 1014: The university will implement and maintain a program to ensure the continuity of essential functions, or operations following or during the recovery phase of a catastrophic event.

Business continuity is crucial in planning for our operations when normal operating procedures are not possible.

We can sometimes confuse business continuity with emergency operations; however, they are different. Emergency operations are about the safety and security of individuals. Business continuity is about resuming operations as quickly as possible, so the consequences of a slow recovery after an incident is minimal.

Who do I contact for additional information on Kuali Ready and business continuity planning?

Contact JaVonnie Bryant, business continuity/risk analyst, at 909-869-4751 or

You can also log in to the Business Continuity website or see a YouTube video of Kuali Ready.