Reminder about Change in Email Forwarding

Summary: Email forwarding to third-party services, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail, is no longer available for campus ( email accounts.

When did this happen? The university began communicating the change in June 2015 and also sent out a number of emails to the student body in spring 2016. Email forwarding for university employees ended in July 2015 with the switch to Office 365. Forwarding for students ended in June 2016.

How will this affect me?  You will no longer be able to forward your campus emails to another service. To receive campus emails, you will be required to log in to Office 365.

Who made this decision? Changes such as this that affect the university community are made through the IT Governance process. In this case, an executive committee made up of representatives from throughout campus, including students and faculty, voted on the matter after fact-finding and deliberation.

Why was this done? Email forwarding, while convenient for many students, creates several issues for the campus:

  • Personal privacy: Emails from the university can sometimes contain sensitive personal information. The university cannot guarantee the security of that information if it is forwarded to another email service.
  • Forwarding failures: Campus email is a complicated system. Forwarding adds an additional layer of complexity and increases the risk an email will fail to be delivered. If this happens, a student will not know they missed something.
  • Communication with instructors: If an instructor emails a student, and receives a reply from a third-party email account, the instructor has no way to verify they are speaking with the student they intended to contact.
  • Email blocking and spam: The university cannot prevent a third-party email service from identifying its emails as spam and blocking them. If this happens, a student may miss important information. The university also risks being identified as a source of spam and being graylisted or blacklisted by services such as Gmail or Yahoo if too large a number of emails originating from the campus are forwarded.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Division of Information Technology Help Desk by calling (909) 869-6776 or sending an email to