Earthquake Advisory and Preparedness

Due to a recent series of small earthquakes near the Salton Sea, the California Office of Emergency Services has issued an earthquake advisory for the next week covering several counties in the region.

Though the odds of a major earthquake along the southern San Andreas Fault remain statistically small according to the U.S. Geological Survey, the advisory is a reminder that Southern California is earthquake country and that emergency preparedness should be a way of life.

Cal Poly Pomona is prepared to respond to an earthquake, but it is always prudent to have water and a snack on hand, as well as a flashlight.

In case of an earthquake or other emergency, Cal Poly Pomona will send Safety Alert messages to the university community via text/SMS, email and telephone, as well as post messages on the university home page and Safety website. Now is a good time to check your contact information in BroncoDirect to make sure it is current.

Additional earthquake preparedness tips are available on