New Electronic Acknowledgment Process

Beginning March 24, the Cal Poly Pomona Identity Management system was reconfigured to support electronic acknowledgement for faculty and staff members changing their password or claiming new Bronco accounts. This effort is part of a CPP process improvement initiative to leverage our current technologies and capabilities towards:  1) Facilitating faster award of the “Instructor Role” for new faculty, 2) Updating our electronic records and 3) Eliminating need for the retention of a “Paper copy” trail, thus reducing our document storage footprint. What does this mean for users?  As part of the Identity Management log in, faculty and staff users will be required to provide one-time electronic acknowledgement of the current, union-approved versions for both the Confidentiality Statement and the Appropriate Use Policy. Once accomplished, users will then be provided full access to Identity Management Services. For any questions or issues regarding the new process associated with Electronic Acknowledgement, please contact the IT Service Desk.