Emergency Resources Help Ensure Safety on Campus

Safety is the university’s top priority, and it’s important for each person to be familiar with the related resources on campus.

Safety Alert System

The Safety Alert System sends important messages to the campus community during urgent situations. The system can send simultaneous notifications through text messages, email and phone calls.

To ensure that you receive the Safety Alert messages, log into BroncoDirect and update your personal information.

Because cell phone text messages can reach people faster than traditional phone calls and emails, it is important that you include your mobile phone number. The system will send a confirmation text before you can receive any text alerts. Follow the instructions to receive Safety Alerts on your cell phone.phoneupdate

Safety Website

The Campus Safety and Emergency Information website provides invaluable information about emergency procedures, safety resources and contact information for University Police and other services in the event of a crisis.

During an emergency, the website is updated to keep the university informed. The site also covers emergency procedures for incidents ranging from a bomb threat to a hazardous materials spill.

The campus community is encouraged to become familiar with the university’s emergency procedures. Keys to dealing with a crisis are to think before acting, staying calm and reacting sensibly.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services will be stationed at the community room of the University Village throughout the day for any students who wish to debrief in a group. For specific group times and more information, call (909) 869-3220.

Staff are available for crisis or walk-in counseling in Building 66, room 116 for students who wish to talk about the March 3 events.