High School Students to Showcase Theater Skills at Campus Festival

A high school student demonstrates his theater-lighting skills.

Students from 10 different high schools are coming to campus on Friday, Jan. 8 for the 24th annual High School Scene Festival and Technical Olympics.

More than 200 students will participate in activities both on stage and behind the scenes.

Each school is permitted to bring three scenes, up to 10 minutes in length, for judging. When students are not performing, they are able to attend workshops that cover theatrical topics including improvisation, cold readings and stage combat.

For those looking to improve their skills behind the scenes, workshops such as scene painting and makeup are also offered.

After lunch, students can put their skills to the test in the Technical Olympics. Racing against the clock, participants try to have the best time in events like costume quick changing.

The High School Scene Festival and Technical Olympics are located in the University Theatre and events will be ongoing throughout the day from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.