Campus Water Disinfection Method to Change

Good Morning Campus Community,

The Cal Poly Pomona Water System is preparing to change its method of disinfecting the water supply you are receiving.  Beginning August 1, 2015, chloramines will be used instead of chlorine. This change is being done due to the fact that Cal Poly Pomona must temporarily take its domestic water well out of service for maintenance.

Chloramine treatment is not new, as chloramines have been used for disinfection purposes for many years and are considered an effective disinfectant. It is encouraging to note that complaints of tastes and odors have been found to decrease in many systems after the use of chloramine begins.

Chloramines do not pose a health hazard to the general population. They can, however, be a serious problem to individuals with kidney disease while undergoing dialysis treatment on artificial kidney machines, unless the chloramines are reduces to acceptable levels. We have been working with the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Drinking Water, the Campus Heath Center, and the American Red Cross Facility to ensure that everyone who may be involved with the treatment of dialysis patients is alerted, and that proper precautions are taken.

At the time of this notification, Cal Poly Pomona has not received an advisory of anyone who may be affected by this treatment. However, if you are a dialysis patient receiving dialysis treatment in your home, please contact your dialysis facility.

Chloramines, like chlorine, are toxic to fish. Therefore, anyone putting fish into water obtained from our supply should be sure that the fish are properly protected. Local pet and fish shops should be contacted to determine the best measures to cope with a chloramine-disinfected water supply.

Holding the water for a period of time may work well with chlorine, but is not a reliable procedure with chloramines which are able to persist must longer. This supply is expected to not be longer than two weeks or through August 17, 2015.

We will advise you when we are back to our normal water supply.

If you have any questions on this change in our water treatment, please contact, Javier Arreguin, Water Treatment Operations Manager at 909-869-5189 or send an email to

We apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.  Please share this information with anyone you believe may not have received this broadcast.

Thank you,

Facilities Management