Openings are still available in the Asbestos Awareness, Computer & Office Ergonomics, Emergency Procedures, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Safety, Forklift Initial, Forklift Refresher, Hazard Communication, Hazardous Waste Management, Laboratory Safety, Medical Waste, Respirator, Respirator Fit Testing and all Web Based training courses.  All employees are required to complete Back Safety, Emergency Procedures, Fire Safety, First Aid, Hazard Communication, Office Ergonomics (For Office Workers Only), Office Safety (For Office Workers) or Safety Orientation (For Non-Office Workers) and Signs & Tags on an annual basis.  Initial/Reassignment Training is required when initially hired or if reassigned. For a more information on the training required for all employees (AKA Essential Training) visit  To view the current schedule visit  For information on Skillsoft Web Based Training for all employees, except auxiliary employees, visit  For information on DuPont/Clarity Web Based Training for auxiliary employees, student workers and others visit