Two Arrested on Suspicion of Drug Possession

Two Arrested on Suspicion of Drug Possession

CPP NewsUniversity Police arrested a man and a woman early Wednesday morning suspected of plotting to siphon gas from cars parked on campus.

Police were investigating a suspicious vehicle near Temple Avenue and University Drive about 4 a.m. when they discovered the two occupants were in possession of several empty gas cans. Police believe the suspects, who are not Cal Poly Pomona students or employees, planned to steal gasoline from cars parked on campus overnight.

During the investigation, officers found the pair to also be in possession of marijuana, Xanax, and hydrocodone, allegedly without prescriptions.

Crista Avila, 32, of La Puente and Richard Llewelyn, 44, of Upland were arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession. They each appear to have histories of criminal drug use, but never on the Cal Poly Pomona campus, according to University Police.

Due to existing health problems, the pair was booked at the Los Angeles County Medical Center Jail Ward in Downtown Los Angeles.

Cal Poly Pomona has not had a history of gasoline thefts, says University Police Sgt. Matthew Lynn.

University Police Chief Michael Guerin urges the campus community to continue to be aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious behavior to University Police. Dial 911 from any campus phone or Code Blue Box. Or, dial (909) 869-3070 if using a cell phone.

“Our officers watch over our campus day and night,” Guerin says. “Sometimes the right observation at the right time – by officers or our students – can stop a crime before it happens.”