Updated Enrollment Management Policies

The university has updated its policies regarding double majors and minors, as well as registration limits. The changes were prompted by a request from the Chancellor’s Office of all CSU campuses to manage enrollment by limiting student enrollment to a level that enables students to complete a degree but discourages courses that are unnecessary for the degree.

New Requirements for Double Majors and Minors
Students may declare a second major (a second option or major in the College of Business Administration) only if both majors can be completed within the degree requirements of the first major. Students may declare a minor only if both the major and minor can be completed within the degree requirements of the major. This requirement will take effect July 1.

New Policy on Registration Limits
New enrollment caps will take effect for fall 2012 registration, which begins May 14 for the general campus. Students will be limited to 17 or 18 units, depending on the number of units required for their degree, and with permission may register for up to 20 units.

Students may request permission for an exception to the limits for labs and activities to satisfy degree requirements or to allow for completion of their degree within the year. Students will not be permitted to register for more than 20 units.

More information about the new policies is available at www.cpp.edu/~academic/programs/petitions.shtml.

For questions, contact the Office of Academic Programs at (909) 869-6975.