Business Grad Student Honored by International Honor Society

Business Grad Student Honored by International Honor Society

Karen Guthery, business graduate studentA graduate business student who submitted a research paper on cloud computing services and the implications for businesses that use them was one of the three students selected for an international award.

Karen Guthery (’11) was awarded third place for the 2010 Business Achievement Award from Golden Key International Honour Society, a worldwide organization for high-achieving people. Guthery, who is pursuing a master of science in business administration, received a cash prize of $1,000.

Her paper, “Cloud Computing and Business Continuity Planning: An Examination of IT Auditing Guideline Development for a New Technology,” focused on the rising popularity of Internet-based computing applications such as Flickr’s photo sharing website and Google’s word processing and spreadsheet applications. With information stored and backed-up online and not on computer hard drives, IT professionals face additional challenges in ensuring that information systems and data are audited and secure.

After working several years in the music industry, Guthery decided to pursue a career in information technology. In spring 2009, she enrolled as a graduate student in the College of Business Administration.

“I am very fortunate to have a wonderful group of family, friends and professors who have supported and encouraged me as I work to complete my graduate business degree,” Guthery said. “Their help and guidance has allowed me to achieve many things that I would not have been able to otherwise. The opportunity to return to school is a privilege that I respect and an experience that has brought me tremendous joy.”