Ortiz Shares Budget Impacts on Cable News Segment

Ortiz Shares Budget Impacts on Cable News Segment
President Ortiz appears on Local Edition.

President Michael Ortiz recently discussed the impact on Cal Poly Pomona of the global economic downturn and state budget deficit on Charter Cable's “Local Edition.” Hosted by Tracy Young, the four-minute news segment is aired in conjunction with the cable company's local broadcast of CNN Headline News.

Ortiz shared the actions the university has taken to meet its $30 million budget cut: admitting fewer students, not accepting mid-year transfer students, employee furloughs and increasing student fees. Employees take two furlough days a month, which translates to a 9.6 percent cut in salary, he said.

Despite the economic challenges, Ortiz said the university will continue to offer a quality education and produce graduates who are ready for the workforce. He also mentioned the comprehensive campaign and asked alumni and friends for their support.

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