College of Engineering Coordinator Comes ThisClose on ‘Price is Right’

College of Engineering Coordinator Comes ThisClose on ‘Price is Right’
Karen Capestro

Karen Capestro can cross off a few items from her lifetime To Do List.

Appear on “The Price is Right.” Check.

Hug game show host Drew Carey. Check.

Win cash and/or prizes. Check.

Capestro, coordinator of Project Lead the Way in the College of Engineering, matched her shopping wits against other contestants at a May taping at CBS Studios in Los Angeles. When the announcer called out “Karen Capestro, come on down!” she proudly walked down the aisle wearing a Cal Poly Pomona T-shirt.

Capestro's bid of $725 on a barbecue smoker, whose actual price was $749, was the closest without going over. She got on the stage and played “That's Too Much!” But like the game's title, Capestro's guesses were too high, and she lost out on a chance to win a new Honda Accord.

“I had an amazing experience,” she says. “I came closest to the price of a barbecue smoker, then proceeded to almost win a new car. My goal was to get up on stage and hug Drew Carey. Mission accomplished!”

Along with some great memories, Capestro won the barbecue smoker, which should arrive by September. The episode will air Wednesday, June 10, at 10 a.m. on CBS Channel 2.