Performance Sings Audiences to ‘Sleep’

Performance Sings Audiences to ‘Sleep’
The musical theater performance will explore the world of dreams.

Discover the world of dreams as they come to life in “SLEEP: A S'real S'rvey of the Night,” a musical theatre performance on Friday, June 5, at 8 p.m. in the Music Recital Hall.

“SLEEP” will feature storytellers, dancers and video puppets artistically interpreting and exploring the many subjects related to dreams.

The performance will be backed by a chamber ensemble of guitars and percussion, including a resonator guitar. Resonator guitars are similar to acoustic guitars, but produce a much louder sound.

The eclectic program takes inspiration from variety shows, dance recitals, poetry readings, traditional and radio theatre, and world and classical music.

It will feature music from composer Garry Eister, whose work has been performed by the Emerson String Quartet, a renowned New-York based ensemble, and the Cleveland Chamber symphony, a group dedicated to the performance of contemporary classical music. It has also been heard at venues throughout the world, including Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center and the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.

“SLEEP” showcases the talents of faculty and student performers from Cal Poly Pomona and UCLA. It will be conducted by guitarist Peter Yates and choreographed by Gayle Fekete, director of the Institute of New Dance and Cultures at Cal Poly Pomona.  

The performance is part of the 2009 Microfest Festival of Microtonal Music, a concert series held at venues throughout Southern California, and is devoted to the showcase of non-standard tunings.

Tickets are $7 and can be purchased at the Music Publicity Office in Building 24, room 142. For more information, contact Teresa Kelly at (909) 869-3554.