Budget Message From President Ortiz

May 15, 2009

Colleagues and Students,

On Friday, May 15, Chancellor Reed sent out a message to the entire CSU community on the current state of the California budget and how it could impact higher education. Keeping you informed of what is happening is essential – during good times and bad, so I wanted to follow up with each of you on how our state budget shortfalls may hit Cal Poly Pomona.

This is not good news. Our past budget issues pale in comparison to what we are addressing today. The Chancellor mentioned that we may be required to consider unprecedented actions including further enrollment reductions, layoffs, additional student fee increases and the potential closure of select campuses. We have never faced anything like this before, and Cal Poly Pomona will not be immune.

If Propositions 1A through 1E fail, the CSU will face a $410 million budget reduction. This is roughly the equivalent of the total budgets of Cal Poly Pomona AND Sonoma State. Our campus would need to cut more than $20 million. While we have worked hard to protect positions and instruction, we can no longer avoid impacting those areas. There is no question that we face some very difficult decisions in the weeks ahead. They will affect this university for decades as well as the livelihood of faculty, staff and students.

Although we will still face cuts if the state propositions are successful, they will not be as dramatic. Each of you has a chance to affect the future of Cal Poly Pomona and the entire California State University system. I am calling on all of our faculty, staff and students to make sure you are well-educated about the state propositions, and I encourage you, your family and friends to vote.

We need our campus community to come together like never before to make sure that our state leaders in Sacramento recognize the importance of higher education in the economic recovery of California. Your efforts can make a difference.

Thank you,

Michael Ortiz