Police Ask Campus to Watch for Vandals

Over the past several months, university officials have seen an increase in vandalism on campus. Recent cases have included damage to landscaping and trees, outdoor tables and trash containers, as well as graffiti.

“While it may be easy to dismiss these cases as malicious mischief, the truth is that such incidents result in expenditure of scarce campus funds that could be used for more worthwhile projects,” says Michael Guerin, chief of police. “We need the public's help to watch for suspicious activity.”

Guerin noted that each student, faculty and staff member plays a role in campus safety. While University Police officers and community service officers patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they cannot be everywhere at all times.

University Police ask the campus community to remain watchful for incidents where vandals damage campus property. Suspicious or illegal activity can be reported to the University Police Department by calling (909) 869-3070 on a cellular phone, by using a Blue Phone call box or by dialing 911 from any conventional campus telephone.