In Memoriam: G. Dow Worley

In Memoriam: G. Dow Worley
G. Dow Worley

Professor Emeritus G. Dow Worley, who taught at Cal Poly Pomona for more than 30 years, died in September.

Worley began teaching in the College of Business Administration in 1964 in what is now called the Technology and Operations Management (TOM) department. The Texas native was a strong advocate of implementing cutting-edge technology into the classroom, whether it was offering programmable calculators or creating the Fujitsu Microcomputer Laboratory, one of the first computer labs in the college.

Worley even created lab manuals for other instructors to ensure students received the highest quality instruction.

“Every time we got a major revolution in technology he made sure students received it as expeditiously as possible,” said TOM professor Ralph Miller. “It's a tradition that still lives on in the department.”  

During his tenure, Worley specialized in teaching statistics. Over time, he assumed more responsibilities, including serving as department chair and acting as a mentor to other faculty members.  

Worley's legacy continues to live on at the university. In 1997, he established the G. Dow Worley Endowed Scholarship, which is awarded to high-achieving TOM students.