Virtual Stock Competition Tests Business Students’ Skills

Virtual Stock Competition Tests Business Students’ Skills
The Finance Society is organizing a virtual stock competition for College of Business Administration students and faculty.

With stock plunging to records lows and corporations' financial statements looking bleaker each quarter, competing in a stock market challenge will be a true test of students' skills.

Beginning in February, College of Business Administration students will use virtual money to create and manage their stock portfolios as they vie for cash prizes and bragging rights as the best investor on campus.

“This experience really enhances what we learn in class because we are doing it ourselves,” says Evelyn Guido, president of the Finance Society, the student group that is organizing the competition. “Also, well be able to learn the tough lessons of the stock market without having to spend our own money.”

At the beginning of the competition, participants will receive $1 million in virtual money to create their portfolios, preferably choosing stocks that are undervalued and expected to increase in value. While there is no limit on the number of trades, each transaction will require a $100 commission fee. When the competition ends on April 3, the winner will be the person who has the most virtual money.

Top finishers will receive cash prizes from the Finance Society, including a first place award of $80.

The competition begins Feb. 2, but students have until Feb. 13 to register. All College of Business Administration students and faculty members are encouraged to participate. To register, visit

The competition will be held via, a website that specializes in virtual stock challenges. The campus community is invited to monitor the progress of the Cal Poly Pomona Finance Society challenge at