CSU Honored for Energy Conservation

The California State University system has been recognized by the state's Flex Your Power campaign for reducing power usage by up to 3 megawatts (MW) during critical demand periods in the summer of 2008.

CSU campuses shut down or reduced the use of electricity hungry systems during high-energy demand periods called by the California Independent System Operator who manages the power grid.

“With California's power grid stretched to the breaking point every summer, the CSU has stepped up its commitment as part of the solution by flexing our power,” says Len Pettis, CSU chief of plant, energy and utilities. “Through demand response, the CSU has become more energy conscious and lowered its energy usage while generating revenue for reinvestments in energy-efficiency and production programs.”

Cal Poly Pomona conserved energy in a number of ways, including shutting down large water pumps into the reservoirs, slowing down supply & return air fans that cool large buildings and raising thermostats by a few degrees. Faculty and staff also received e-mail requests to reduce electrical demand by turning off unused and unnecessary lights and equipment.

“Everyone can help out. If we all flex our power consumption by simply turning things off, we can help reduce the load on the grid, reduce our carbon footprint and save money for the university,” says George Lwin, manager of energy services at Cal Poly Pomona.

The CSU's demand response program, called Clean Green California, is made possible by a partnership with utilities and Energy Network Operations Center Inc.