Automatic Lights Improve Pedestrian Safety

Automatic Lights Improve Pedestrian Safety
Manuel Cardenas installs a bollard with automatic sensors that trigger crosswalk lights at Mansion Lane and University Drive intersection.

The campus has taken another step toward becoming more pedestrian friendly as it recently completed a new crosswalk project. During winter break, motion sensitive lights were installed at the campus' busiest intersection at Mansion Lane and University Drive. Whenever a pedestrian crosses the street, the in-pavement yellow lights will flash to alert drivers to stop.

Because the lights are motion sensitive, pedestrians do not have to push a button and wait for the lights to shine. Instead, pairs of bollards installed at the head of the crosswalks include motion sensors that trigger the automatic lights whenever someone walks through. The lights will continue to flash until the walker or walkers cross the street.

“Safety is the No. 1 reason we're doing this,” says Javier Montoya, project manager for Facilities Design & Construction. “This intersection is the busiest intersection on campus. It's busy for students and for car traffic.”

Installed on all four sides of the intersection, the motion sensors and lights are completely solar powered.