Activities Raise Awareness for Diabetes

Nearly 8 percent of the nation's population has diabetes, and 24 percent of the cases go undiagnosed. In 2007, about two million people over the age of 20 were diagnosed with diabetes. Additionally, diabetes affects 1 out of every 300 college students each year.


This week, the Beta Chi Theta fraternity is hosting a series of events and activities during Diabetes Awareness Week to educate the campus on the disease. Proceeds from the fundraisers will benefit the World Diabetes Foundation. All events will be held from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the University Quad in front of the Campus Center Marketplace.


Monday, Jan. 5 — Information Day

  • Learn about the symptoms, risks and warning signs of diabetes.    
  • Healthy hot cocoa will be on sale for $1. The chocolate used in the hot cocoa is rich nutrients that can provide protection against heart disease and high blood pressure.   


Tuesday, Jan. 6 — Fair Day

  • Games include jousting, Cola ring toss, baseball/milk bottle throw and ping pong challenge. Prizes will be given out and tickets will be sold at booths.  

Wednesday, Jan. 7 — Fitness Day

  • The Wellness Center will give information on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  
  • L.A. Fitness trainers will hand out free guest passes.   

Thursday, Jan. 8 — Healthy Foods and Drinks Day

  • Fresh fruit from the Kellogg Ranch Farm Store on sale for 50 cents.   
  • Indian tea and crackers will be sold for $1.   
  • Learn how to eat healthy foods that fight diabetes and about diets that keep it under control.   

Diabetes Awareness Week is sponsored by the Kellogg Ranch Farm Store, Curry Up and Zen Zone massage in Glendora. Coupons will be available from the Curry Up and Zen Zone booths. For more information, contact Vijay Kinatukara at (805) 217-1946.