Kellogg West Bottles Up Gourmet Flavors

Kellogg West Bottles Up Gourmet Flavors
Chef Joseph Tagorda's Honey Miso Glaze is available at Kellogg West.
The sauce includes miso paste, honey, cilantro and red pepper flakes.
Kellogg West Executive Chef Joseph Tagorda

Kellogg West Executive Chef Joseph Tagorda knows the secret to bottling up success — a dash of patience, two helpings of experience and a generous sprinkling of creativity. The resulting product is Honey Miso Glaze, the first bottled sauce by Kellogg West.

Sweet, savory, tangy and a little spicy, the sauce first appeared five years ago on the lunch menu at Kellogg West. Tagorda, then the executive sous chef, had been playing around with miso paste to create new flavors for the conference center's restaurant. Adding honey, cilantro, red pepper flakes and sesame oil, Tagorda mixed up a tasty marinade that complements seafood dishes, especially shrimp and salmon.

The sauce quickly became a favorite among diners, including Andy Abelman, director of Hospitality Services for the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation. “It has a unique taste and flavor profile,” he says.

Targorda adds: “The Honey Miso Glaze is a wonderful product that can enhance some of the simplest dishes.”

Earlier this year, Abelman suggested Kellogg West bottle the sauce, and he and Tagorda began working with a company in New York to do that. After a few months of perfecting the recipe for large-scale production, 600 bottles of Chef Joseph's Award-Winning Honey Miso Glaze are now available under the Kellogg West label.

Not only is the sauce a marinade, it can be used as a dipping sauce and salad dressing.

Abelman says the product will be given to Kellogg West guests as an amenity. It is also for sale at Kellogg West for $5.95. For details, call (909) 869-2222.