In Memoriam: Professor Edward M. Gates

In Memoriam: Professor Edward M. Gates
Mechanical Engineering Professor Edward M. Gates

Mechanical Engineering Professor Edward M. Gates, who taught at Cal Poly Pomona for the past 20 years, died Dec. 20 at the age of 58. Gates was killed in a small plane crash in San Diego County.

Gates joined Cal Poly Pomona's Mechanical Engineering Department in 1988, after earning his master's and doctoral degrees at Caltech and teaching at the University of Alberta in Canada. An expert in thermal dynamics and fluid mechanics, he set a high standard for his students and challenged them in their studies.

Several members of the department expressed shock and sadness upon learning of his tragic and untimely death.

“To our department, this represents a major blow. This guy was outstanding in every way. Everything he did in life was just done very well,” said Professor William Hauser.

Department chair Hassan Rejali said: “He was one our best and most knowledgeable faculty members. Not only was his knowledge of the theory excellent, he could put that theory into practice and also teach those principles to engineering students.

“Everyone knew him as a friend, someone with a smile on his face all the time. He was always willing to help the department and anyone else who needed help.”

Gates is survived by his wife Kar-La, son Sean and stepdaughters Tawna and Sherry.

The Mechanical Engineering Department will hold a memorial service in January. More details will be forthcoming on PolyCentric.