Journal Honors ‘Outstanding’ Article

Journal Honors ‘Outstanding’ Article
Jared Stallones

The American Educational History Journal has honored Jared Stallones, co-chair of the Education Department, with the first-ever award for Outstanding Article.

The article, entitled “Struggle for the Soul: William Heard Kilpatrick,” was identified as the best article published in the journal's Volume 34 (2007) and was chosen out of approximately 50 articles.

“Prof. Stallones' article was chosen because the topic is timely, the research is rigorous and the writing is clear,” said Dr. Wesley Null, editor of the American Education History Journal. “Jared's work has a purpose, is well-researched and speaks to a broad audience. His work certainly deserves this recognition.”

The article explores the religious influences in the life and world of William Heard Kilpatrick, one of the leaders of the progressive education movement. It also comprises one chapter in Stallones' recently finished book, Struggle for the Soul: Integration, Reinterpretation, and Denial of Religious Experience in the Lives of Progressive Educators, which profiles five progressive educators and their religious backgrounds. The book will be published in early 2009 by Information Age Publishing.

“It's interesting that the father of Cal Poly's 'learn by doing' pedagogy found his inspiration in the religious ideals of his youth,” Stallones said. “I am honored that my peers appreciate my work and am pleased with the academic recognition of work on the intersections of religion and education.”

Stallones received the award at the annual meeting of the Midwest History of Education Society in Chicago in October. He was recognized in Volume 35 of the journal and will also be featured on the website of Information Age Publishing, which publishes the journal.