Hundreds Vote on Campus in Landmark Election

Hundreds Vote on Campus in Landmark Election
Students vote at the polls in the Bronco Student Center.

Long lines didn't deter hundreds of voters from going to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 4, at Cal Poly Pomona. For the first time, the university hosted a polling place at the Bronco Student Center for anyone living in Los Angeles County to cast their ballot on Election Day.

Twelve voting booths were set up in the Andromeda Suites. Students living on campus could vote at the location, and LA county residents were able to turn in a provisional ballot for national, state and county races, propositions and measures.

ASI Secretary of External Affairs Clark DeBevoise said the response has been fantastic. “I've had dozens and dozens of e-mails thanking me for this,” he said. “I've received 40 texts, saying 'Thanks for bringing this to campus' and 'This makes it so much easier.'”

The idea originated a few years ago from a former student, but the project didn't take off. This time, a joint effort of ASI, university administration and student leaders helped bring the polls to campus, according to DeBevoise.

Senior Matt Lee voted at the Bronco Student Center and said the process was quick, convenient and easy. “The turnout is good. There are a lot of people here,” he said.

Pre-vet major Sydney Pokard said she was happy the campus had a polling place. Otherwise, she would have gone somewhere off campus in Pomona, an area she's not familiar with. Pokard, 21, was especially excited because it's the first time she's ever voted.

“I hope people vote. It's an important election,” she said.

Cal Poly Pomona might continue serving as a polling place for future elections. “It's definitely an idea,” DeBevoise said. “I don't see why it can't happen.”