Faculty, Staff & Students Show Off Agricultural Research

Faculty, Staff & Students Show Off Agricultural Research
Dr. David Still speaks during last year's research showcase.
Dr. Maria Botero-Omary answers questions about her research in high fiber foods.

The Cal Poly Pomona Agricultural Research Initiative (ARI) presents its 8th annual Research Showcase on Thursday, Nov. 13, from 3 to 6 p.m. at AGRIscapes. The showcase will feature ARI-sponsored scientists and research projects from Cal Poly Pomona.

The event provides an opportunity to learn about the research being conducted by faculty, staff and students to improve agriculture in California. The showcase will include oral and poster presentations by ARI researchers and students.

“The research being conducted by the ARI is making a significant contribution both to California agriculture and the research effort on campus. It allows our faculty to engage in research while providing training and learning opportunities for our students that are not otherwise written into our curriculum,” says David Still, ARI campus coordinator. “Cal Poly Pomona is a campus that promotes a 'learn by doing' philosophy. Engaging our students in research is the ultimate learn by doing experience.”

California is, by far, the nation's leading producer and exporter of agricultural products. To benefit the state's agriculture industry and consumers, ARI sponsors applied agricultural research.

Researchers focus on finding immediate and practical solutions for high-priority challenges in eight areas: agricultural business, biodiversity, biotechnology, food science, natural resources, production & cultural practices, public policy and water & irrigation technology.

Through a competitive grant program, ARI provides public funds that are matched by industry or federal research resources to support high-impact agricultural research development and technologies that are readily transferable to industry.  

For more information about the showcase, contact Andrea Frontino at (909) 869-3637 or amfrontino@cpp.edu, or visit www.cpp.edu/~ari.