Vote at the Bronco Student Center on Election Day, Nov. 4

Vote at the Bronco Student Center on Election Day, Nov. 4
Students cast their votes at the Bronco Student Center on Election Day.

The Bronco Student Center will be the site of Cal Poly Pomona's first polling site for registered Los Angeles County voters on Election Day on Tuesday, Nov. 4. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Andromeda Suites, Rooms 2341, 2343 and 2345.

The site will be coordinated by certified Los Angeles County poll workers, including a precinct coordinator and an inspector. County officials have worked with Associated Students, Inc. to make Cal Poly Pomona a polling location.

The following is a list of requirements for students, faculty and staff who chose to vote on campus:

  • Only Los Angeles County registered voters can vote at Cal Poly Pomona 
  • Anyone who does not live on campus will be required to vote provisionally 
  • Provisional voters will be allowed to vote on state and national propositions and measures but not on any ballot items pertaining to their home district. 
  • Los Angeles County absentee ballots will be accepted at the polling site. 
  • Registered voters do not need to formally change their voting location if they have been assigned another site. However, they must submit a provisional ballot if they are not voting in their home district. 
  • All voters must bring a valid ID in order to vote. 

For more information, contact Clark E. DeBevoise, ASI Secretary of External Affairs, at (909) 869-3616 or