Starbucks Features Professor's Quote

Starbucks Features Professor's Quote
Starbucks Coffee's Way I See It series features a quote by professor Renford Reese.
Reese's quote is: “Insensitivity makes arrogance ugly; empathy is what makes humility beautiful.”

Cal Poly Pomona professor Dr. Renford Reese often imparts his knowledge to others through lectures, books and articles. Now, the political science professor has added coffee cups to his list of media.

Starbucks Coffee Company has printed 8 ounce cups featuring a quote from Reese's latest book American Bravado (Inkwater Press, 2007). Reese's quote appears in The Way I See It #294: “Insensitivity makes arrogance ugly; empathy is what makes humility beautiful.”

In celebration, Reese will host a signing event at from on Oct. 11 during the Pomona Art Walk. He will autograph 150 Starbucks cups with his quote from 7:30 to 10 p.m. at Sakura Ichi Japanese restaurant, 101 W. Mission Blvd. Suite 101 in Pomona. A $2 per cup donation is encouraged, and the money will go to the Cal Poly Pomona Black Faculty and Staff scholarship fund.

Starbuck's The Way I See It series provides a collection of thoughts, opinions and expressions from notable figures to help spark discussion. Other recent quotables have been #273 Gen. Colin L. Powell, #268 musician Josh Groban, and #258 Pulitzer Prize-winning author George F. Will.

Reese submitted his quote for consideration for The Way I See It series two years ago. Earlier this year he learned his quote was selected for print on millions of cups.

“This has been amazing. Someone sent me a photo of the cup from a Starbucks in Toronto,” Reese said. “In one way, my quote being on Starbucks' cups is validation. Authors want to be widely read. In the extremely competitive area of publishing it is difficult to connect with the masses via one's writings. I think it's ironic that a couple hundred people will read a book that I worked on for two years and millions of people will read a quote that I contemplated for less than five minutes. Life continues to be funny.”

Reese is a professor in the political science department at Cal Poly Pomona. In addition to American Bravado, he penned Prison Race (2006), Leadership in the LAPD: Walking the Tightrope (2005), and American Paradox: Young Black Men (2004).