Budget Update from President Ortiz

Budget Update from President Ortiz


Chancellor Reed sent out a message to all California State University employees addressing the severity of the budget crisis impacting California and the entire global market. The CSU has been asked to immediately cut $31.3 million from its budget. Cal Poly Pomona's share of that cut is $1.62 million, or roughly 1 percent of our general fund.

While we cannot predict the amount, the CSU likely will face one, or even more, additional mid-year budget cuts in 2008-09. Our focus always will be to minimize the impact on our students, so I am calling on each of you to make plans that can prepare Cal Poly Pomona for the challenges of the coming months.

We must be mindful of the probable cuts and adjust our spending accordingly. While I am not yet returning the campus to a freeze, I am asking every senior leader to ensure that each hiring decision can be justified in light of the significant impact facing instruction. Those mission-critical decisions will continue to rest with the division vice presidents.

Chancellor Reed encouraged campuses to curtail travel and to defer purchases.  Accordingly, I am asking that all travel and procurement transactions exceeding $1,000 be approved by your vice president. Procurement transactions include: P-Card, Office Max, chargebacks, requisitions, requests to increase requisitions, direct pay, blanket orders, and contracts and agreements.  The funding sources affected are: general operating funds, reimbursed funds, and trust funds. Recognize that your decision to purchase a new piece of equipment or attend a conference may impact the number of courses we offer this year.

Acquiring resources above and beyond our state budget is more important than ever. This requires a significant focus on the comprehensive campaign and the work of our development professionals. The university must continue to empower those areas that can improve our educational opportunities.

While these are certainly difficult times, I am confident we will continue to provide our students with an exceptional experience. By coming together and addressing these issues collectively, we can better prepare and identify new opportunities for collaboration and efficiency.

I remain extremely proud of the work each of you is doing in support of our students and the university mission. We will deal with these problems in the collegial process that has made us a strong community.

Michael Ortiz