Never Give Out Personal Info in E-mail

Over the past month, Cal Poly Pomona has been a target of fake (or “phishing”) e-mail offers designed to trick users in giving out their password and other personal information. The university will never ask faculty, staff and students for their Bronco ID, password or passphrase or other personal information through e-mail. Do not reply to these messages. The best thing to do is to delete the e-mails immediately.

Some of the malicious messages pretend to be sent from the university's IT department and claim to be updating e-mail accounts or online databases. Some e-mails also threaten to suspend or cancel e-mail services if the user does not reply with their personal information. These bogus messages are not legitimate and should be deleted at once.

No one officially connected to Cal Poly Pomona will ask you to e-mail your personal data. You should never give the following types of information:

  • Bronco password or passphrase   
  • Social Security number   
  • Full name  
  • Bank or debit card information   
  • Pin number   
  • Credit card information   
  • Date of birth   
  • Driver's license number/ State ID card number  
  • Any forms of national or international identification  
  • Home address   
  • Mother's maiden name  
  • Nationality   
  • Medical history   
  • Criminal history   
  • Psychological counseling records  

For more information about scams and phishing, visit I&IT's eHelp page. If you have questions, contact the Help Desk at (909) 869-6776.