Changes in Undergraduate Admission for Fall 2009

Changes in Undergraduate Admission for Fall 2009

With high-ranking programs, a hands-on approach to education and an affordable price tag, Cal Poly Pomona has become increasingly popular among undergraduate applicants. Due to the rising demand, the university will adjust its admissions selection process to better serve its students and the community. This is particularly important at a time when the university is making every effort to align enrollment with available resources to provide a quality education for all students.  

Cal Poly Pomona has received approval from the Chancellor's Office for two key changes to manage the number and profile of entering students. Program impaction status for fall 2009 has been extended to three additional academic programs: civil engineering, animal science and animal health science, all of which have seen increased demand in the last few years. Along with architecture, these programs have far more applicants than available seats in those majors. This change will allow the university to apply additional academic criteria to screen freshman and transfer applications as well as requests for change of majors for these four programs.   

As part of the CSU commitment to the local communities, the university currently grants admission to first-time freshmen from local high schools who meet the minimum CSU admission requirements. Applicants outside of the local area are required to meet higher academic requirements. The new freshman impaction plan will reduce the number of local area high schools from 93 to 53 beginning with the 2009-10 academic year. Students from high schools no longer included in Cal Poly Pomona's roster of local area schools will continue to be served as part of the local service areas of Cal State Los Angeles, Cal State Fullerton or Cal State San Bernardino.

Local area high schools will be geographically clustered within a 15-mile radius of the university. Redefining the local area high schools allows the university to continue serving qualified students in the neighboring communities while providing opportunities for enrollment to students throughout California.

Cal Poly Pomona will continue to actively recruit applicants from non-local high schools, particularly those who would benefit from the unique programs not offered by other CSU campuses. These include programs within the College of Agriculture, College of Science and The Collins College of Hospitality Management, as well as the highly ranked College of Engineering and College of Environmental Design.

For additional information about these changes, contact Scott Duncan, Director of Admissions, at (909) 869-3258.