Campus Urged to Update Contact Information

Tuesday's earthquake underscores the unpredictable nature of emergencies and the need to receive important information during times of crisis.

In order to receive Cal Poly Pomona Safety Alert messages, the campus community should provide their full contact information in BroncoDirect. Used for urgent notifications, the Safety Alert System can simultaneously send voice, text/SMS and e-mail messages to up to four phone numbers, two e-mail addresses and a TDD/TTY device.

To help ensure you receive Safety Alert messages, you can do two simple things:

1.      Provide updated contact information on BroncoDirect, including a cell phone, office phone, home phone and email address.

2.      Add Cal Poly Pomona's Safety Alert to the contact lists on your e-mail and cell phone, so messages are not flagged as spam and you recognize the caller ID.  Messages from the Safety Alert System will have the ID 23177 on text messages, (866) 869-7659 on phone messages and Cal Poly Pomona Safety Alert at on e-mail messages.

The Office of Public Affairs released one Safety Alert message on Tuesday. Overloaded phone lines may have limited the delivery of some of the messages. However, a number of people placed privacy filters on their email that would not allow the Safety Alert email to be sent to their email addresses. Others found their emails were sorted into junk email folders. Both issues could be remedied by adding the Cal Poly Pomona Safety Alert into contact lists.

In the event of an emergency, information will be distributed through a variety of sources including the Safety Alert System, e-mail, the university home page, PolyCentric online news magazine, Emergency Hotline (866-869-POLY), electronic marquees and building marshals.

Anyone with questions about the Safety Alert System is encouraged to visit the frequently asked questions web page, e-mail or call the Help Desk at (909) 869-6776.