A Message From the President

A Message From the President

After Tuesday morning's earthquake, the university reviewed all buildings on campus. Please rest assured that Cal Poly Pomona facilities have been evaluated and are safe.

Immediately following the temblor, we closed both the tower and classroom side of the CLA Building as a precaution and had a seismic specialist review the building's safety. The report from the consultant stated that the CLA Building is structurally sound and safe for use.

There are a number of areas in and around the CLA complex, as well as other buildings on campus, where there is limited cosmetic damage. This includes personal items that fell during the quake, bookshelves, expansion joints and ceiling tiles. But the structural integrity of the building is sound.

Both sections of CLA will be open for normal university business and classes, beginning at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, July 30. Crews from Facilities Management will be working in the buildings to help clean up select areas.

The University Library, which closed after the quake, will also be open. But access to some sections may be limited as the books are replaced on the shelves.

There is no question that today's earthquake can create anxiety. If I felt for one moment that any of our buildings were unsafe or that occupation of the building would put people in harm's way, I would close it immediately. This campus remains committed to making sure that everyone at Cal Poly Pomona can feel safe about their working and learning environments.

Please also remember that the days after earthquakes can bring aftershocks. Be careful as office items could still move or fall at any time.

I want to extend my thanks to our building marshals, University Police and our team in Facilities Management who stepped up and addressed our needs immediately after the event. And a special thanks to each of you for your patience and diligence during a difficult day.

Michael Ortiz