Music Students Receive $28,000 in Scholarships in 2008-09

Music Students Receive $28,000 in Scholarships in 2008-09
Fifty-four music students receive scholarships for the upcoming year.

The Music Department will award 83 scholarships totaling nearly $28,000 for 2008-09 academic year. Ranging from $200 to $2000, the scholarships are awarded to 54 students for outstanding achievement in music academics, ensemble performance, music industry studies, and to encourage creative activities.

In 2003, the department awarded $9,000 in scholarships. In the last five years, the scholarship fund has increased through donations, endowments, faculty and staff performances, student ensemble performances and grants.

This year, the department will award three endowed scholarships. The Eric and Elizabeth Turkel Endowment will be given to Michael Jung and Phillip Pitcher for classical piano performance, The Paul Anka Endowment will be awarded to Kateri Lirio for songwriting and the the Varnasi Endowment will be awarded to Candice Brown for vocal studies.

Two of awards are named in honor of faculty who made a lasting impact on the department. The Charles Lindsley Memorial Scholarship will be given to Ed Carlo Arafiles for voice, and the Philip Clarke Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to Michael Jung for piano.

Phillip Browne, professor emeritus, gives a sizeable donation each year to support instrumental students and to those interested in composition. This year, Browne awards will be given to Ciera Ott and Jeff Collins in the Concert Band and composers Darrell Tung, Candice Brown and Michael Mariano.

Music Department Chair Iris S. Levine is proud of the department's accomplishments.

“I am extremely pleased with the number of scholarship awards we will be giving this year. We are grateful to our donors, the faculty, staff and ensemble directors who dedicate themselves to raising scholarship money,” Levine said. “Our students are fantastic, and the Music Department recognizes the increasing financial demands made upon these young adults. We want to support them as best as we can so that they can concentrate on their craft. We are honored to say that the Music Department gives the highest amount of scholarship awards in the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences.”

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For questions regarding scholarships donations, call Dr. Iris Levine at (909) 869-4566. For information on scholarship donations through the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, contact Lisa Nashua, director of development for the College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences, at (909) 869-6848.