Class Project Helps Newborns in Pomona Valley Hospital

Class Project Helps Newborns in Pomona Valley Hospital
Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse Tricia Cohn holds up a baby sleep sack created by created by students in the Apparel Production class.
Mayra Malacon, Janet Makonda and Anna Srulevitch, all apparel merchandising and management students, carry gift sets of newborn clothing and accessories.

If you don't believe college coursework can have a real world application, you might want talk to students in Dr. Muditha Senanayake's Apparel Production class.

Students donated 10 gift sets of newborn clothing and accessories on June 10 to the neo-natal intensive care unit through the volunteer department at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. Designed and manufactured for a team project, the sets include mittens, hooded blankets/towels, baby sacks and quillows (a novel combination of a quilt and pillow). The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit will distribute the items to families with need.

“I told students this is going to be a community project,” Senanayake said. “The expectation is you learn apparel production at the same time you do a community service.”

Senanayake said he plans to continue such projects in future classes, which is under the Apparel Merchandising and Management (AMM) program in the College of Agriculture.

AMM senior and President's Council Scholar Terra Mack said the project's benefits were three-fold. “This class gave me a chance to learn production theories and gain hands-on production experience, while having a great chance to serve the community,” she said.

Last year, Pomona Valley Hospital delivered more than 8,000 babies, according to Lindsey Medina, volunteer coordinator.

“We're happy to receive anything they want to give,” she said.