Athletics Department Earns NCAA Diversity Award

Cal Poly Pomona's athletics department has been honored by the NCAA with a Diversity in Athletics Award in the category of Overall Excellence in Diversity.

The university participated in a recent survey conducted independently by the Laboratory for Diversity in Sport at Texas A&M University and supported by the NCAA. The survey was used to assess the 2007-2008 Diversity in Athletics Award winners from Division II in various categories.

“Cal Poly Pomona Intercollegiate Athletics is honored to receive this prestigious NCAA award as one of 14 nationally-recognized Division II institutions for total program excellence,” said Bronco Director of Athletics Brian Swanson. “We are committed to Richness of Diversity as one of our core mission and values. Cal Poly Pomona prides itself on having students, student-athletes, faculty and staff reflect those we serve today and those who are leaders of tomorrow. We embrace the inclusiveness of all.”

Through the independent research conducted by Texas A&M University, the winners were identified by having achieved the highest total combined scores in the areas of diversity strategy, gender diversity of departmental employees, racial diversity of departmental employees, value and attitudinal diversity of departmental employees, graduation of African-American female and male student-athletes and gender equity compliance.

Cal Poly Pomona's athletic department will be recognized for the award at the 2008 National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) Convention on June 11 in Dallas.