Campus to Stage Active Shooter Drill Friday

Campus to Stage Active Shooter Drill Friday
The campus will hold an active shooter drill May 23.

The campus shooting will be staged, but the lessons will be very real when Cal Poly Pomona conducts an active shooter drill on Friday, May 23. This is part of an ongoing effort by the university for emergency preparedness.

The active shooter drill will be held at an undisclosed time and location. A number of groups will take part in the exercise, including university students and staff, University Police Department, Pomona Police Department, Los Angeles County Fire Station No. 187 and Los Angeles County Sheriff's Departments Walnut/Diamond Bar Station. Faculty, staff and students should not be alarmed by the visible police presence and emergency activity during the event.

Drills are designed to help the university improve emergency response procedures and response times in a real emergency situation. The university conducts emergency exercises year round with varying scenarios.

In the event of an active shooter situation, the campus will be directed to Shelter in Place. That means immediately taking shelter until given an All Clear message from emergency personnel. University Police recommend the following actions when given a Shelter in Place order due to a campus shooting incident:

  • If you can leave the area safely, do so.   
  • Notify anyone you encounter as you are leaving that they must exit immediately as well.   
  • Do not signal the building occupants by activating a fire alarm.   
  • Take shelter in another university building if possible.   
  • Contact University Police to advise them of what is happening.   

If you cannot leave the area, University Police additionally suggest:

  • Close and lock the door. 
  • Move furniture to barricade the door if possible. 
  • Turn off the lights. Block any windows that provide a view of the room to the outside. 
  • Stay away from the windows and doors if at all possible. 
  • Seek protective cover of some kind under or behind furniture. 
  • Switch all cell phones in the room to vibrate mode so that they will not alert anyone to your presence. 
  • Do not answer the door under any circumstance. 
  • Do not leave the room until directed to do so by emergency personnel. 
  • Work to remain calm and develop a plan to escape should it become necessary. 
  • If police enter the room, follow their instructions. 

Cal Poly Pomona is among 23 CSU campuses holding active shooter drills this spring.