Listen Now: Reed Speaks On Budget Crisis

With much at stake concerning the upcoming budget, the CSU is doing all it can to stave off losing $386 million in state funding. In an in-depth interview Chancellor Charles B. Reed speaks frankly about the impact on students, class offerings, potential fee increases and even about what he sees as new revenue options for the state.

The interview, which is now available for listening online, contains insightful information about the current budget battle and what it could potentially mean for students across the state.

“We have closed our admission for first time freshmen effective March 1, which means we will be turning away more than 10,000 qualified students that would normally be eligible to come to the California State University,” said Chancellor Reed. “We can't offer the number of classes and sections and at the same time take over a $300 million cut to our budget.”

Chancellor Reed also noted it takes a combination of student fees, state funding and universities private fundraising to make up the CSU budget, but the state is not doing its part to support higher education.