Kinsey Receives 2 Top Awards and State Appointment

Kinsey Receives 2 Top Awards  and State Appointment
Gary Kinsey

Professor Gary Kinsey, Ed. D., has certainly had a good month. The longtime teacher of teachers has been honored for his collaborative work with the Chino Valley Unified School District and has been appointed to be a member of a statewide accreditation committee.

Recent accolades began for the associate dean for the College of Education and Integrative Studies with a nomination for his multifaceted work with the Chino Valley district. Kinsey has been a liaison to the district's Teacher Induction program, in addition to working with the district in placing Cal Poly Pomona teacher interns in its schools and serving on the district's Strategic Planning Advisory Board for two years. For this work he was nominated for and received the Association of California School Administrator's Region 12 (which represents K-12 districts and administrators in Riverside and San Bernardino counties) as Administrator of the Year in the category of Professor of Education.  

Having been selected for Region 12 in this category, it automatically put him in the running with the nominees of the other 15 regions for the statewide award, which he also received.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by my colleagues and peers as we work together to guide and train educators that can successfully address the challenges faced in preparing future generations,” Kinsey says. “The knowledge that you are contributing to the preparation and well-being of our region's children in attaining their life goals and true potential, is the greatest reward one could ask for.”

The ACSA represents more than 16,000 superintendents, principals, vice-principals, classified managers and confidential employees throughout the state. It is a member-driven organization committed to improved student performance and educational leadership in California's public schools.

On Monday, April 21, Kinsey was honored for the regional award during a dinner at the University of Redlands. In November, he will be honored at the ACSA's Leadership Summit in San Diego for the statewide award.

On another note, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing recently notified Kinsey that he was selected to be a member of its Committee on Accreditation for a four-year term. The committee is chargedwith deciding the initial and continuing accreditation of educator preparation.

“This has been an unbelievable month,” he says. “Maybe it would be a good time to go to Las Vegas!”

Kinsey also currently serves as the president of the California Association of Professors of Educational Administration and on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Alternative Certification (for teacher preparation) as the Region 1 director.

Kinsey joined the Cal Poly Pomona faculty in September 2001. His educational preparation includes a B.S. in Social Sciences from California State University, Fresno; an M.A. in History from California State University, Fresno; an M.A. in Educational Administration from the University of San Francisco; and a doctoral degree (Ed.D.) in Educational Policy and Administration from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.