International Executives Complete Training

International Executives Complete Training
Dr. Uei-Jiun Fan, interim associate dean of the College of the Extended University (left) and Wang Weian, vice director of Shahekou District, Dalian.
Twenty-seven people from Dalian City, China completed two weeks of intensive training.

Twenty-seven officials from Dalian City in the People's Republic of China recently completed two weeks of an intensive training program hosted by the College of the Extended University and the International Executive Training & Education Program.

Participants were mid- to senior-level human resource professionals who traveled to Cal Poly Pomona to learn more about the American business environment and the role of human resource professionals today. Dalian, the largest port city in northeast China, is a distribution hub of international trade and technology. With a population of more than 6 million, Dalian is the second largest city of Liaoning Province, after Shenyang, the provincial capital.

Instructors for the two-week program included Cal Poly Pomona faculty from the College of Business Administration's Management & Human Resources department, The Collins School of Hospitality Management, as well as staff from the university's Human Resources Department and International Executive Training & Education Program.

Courses covered a wide range of subject areas including Human Resources Management Systems in the United States, Human Resources Corporate Strategy Formulation, Performance Appraisal, Succession Planning, Labor Relations in the United States, Recruiting Practices, Benefits and Compensation.

Faculty included Cheryl Wyrick, Stanley Abraham, Stephen Iman, Cedric Dawkins and Neha Singh. In addition, courses were taught by Joaquin Lim, Sandra Bufalini, Angie Hernandez, Ghazala Khan and David Leong, human resources manager, Los Angeles County Personnel Department.

During their stay, the Chinese delegation took part in several site visits including a trip to the Los Angeles Port Authority Human Resources Department, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Headquarters Bureau in Monterey Park, the Los Angeles County Personnel Department and the City of Walnut Human Resources Department.

“Programs such as this provide a win-win situation  there's great cross-cultural exposure that visitors get by coming to Cal Poly Pomona and the experience that our faculty gain by teaching courses to these groups is invaluable,” Wyrick says.

For more than 10 years the College of the Extended University, in conjunction with the International Center, has been conducting short-term, customized executive training programs such as this. The college has worked with groups from many countries including Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, South Korea, Swaziland, Turkey and Vietnam. Program topics have ranged from agriculture to taxation, public administration and capital venture.

“Our mission is to bring together like-minded people in a partnership of trust and learning that benefits all those involved. We understand the responsibility we all share in the development and enhancement of the professional skills of those already in the global marketplace and look forward to the possibility of working with many new international groups as part of this endeavor,” says Randall Burger, director, CPELI and the International Executive Training & Education Program.

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